About District

Patan District was formed on 2-10-97 from the parts of Mahesana and Banaskantha Districts. Patan District was formed including Patan, Siddhapur, Chanasma, Harij and Sami Talukas of Mahesana district and Radhanpur and Santalpur Talukas of Banaskantha District. The head quarter of the District is Patan.

Patan district comprises Nine talukas: Patan, Santalpur, Radhanpur, Siddhpur, Harij, Sami, Chanasma, Saraswati and Sankheshwar. Patan District is situated between 20° 41′ to 23° 55′ north latitudes and east longitude of 71° 31′ to 72° 20′. The area of Patan District is 5600 sq. k.m. In the north and north-west borders there is Banaskantha District and in the west there is the border of Kutch district. In the south and south-east there is Desert of Kutch and some part of Surendranagar District. Besides this, there is Mahesana District situated in the east part of Patan